Easy to Fly Remote Control Helicopters Still Challenge the Hobbyist

Remote control helicopters are considered by many to be the penultimate challenge in radio controlled aircraft. It may be hard for someone who has never controlled an electric helicopter, built a radio controlled car or flown a classic hand built balsa model plane to understand the appeal and the challenge that radio helicopters present to the hobbyist. Electric helicopters can be custom built by the hobbyist or be purchased complete and ready to run right out of the box.

Not too far in the distant past remote control helicopters depended upon combustion powered engines, delicate and unreliable receivers and the skill of the hobbyist. These were the most expensive radio controlled models to build or buy and the most difficult of all models actually fly. However improvements in technology and batteries made the challenging and yet much more economical electric helicopter the choice of many flight fans.

The attraction that radio helicopters exerts is so strong that even when remote control helicopters were almost exclusively hand built, unreliable and used combustible fuel, enthusiasts would spend months building them spend over a thousand dollars on parts and all the while knowing that if the fuel mix was wrong or they bungled the first flight (as is common in learning) that they would spend more repairing and rebuilding the helicopter. Even with all this, it was the most desired aircraft by flight enthusiasts.

It is no wonder that today with helicopters such as the Airwolf 4 channel helicopter ready to fly right from the box and electric powered as well, that more and more RC enthusiasts are taking up the challenge of flying remote control helicopters. 4 channel remote control helicopters can provide the remote control flight fan with a very realistic flight experience and a challenge in flying unequalled by most other aircraft.

For enthusiasts who crave realism and economy, the SYMA 3D Army Chinook transporter helicopter can provide the ultimate in realism at an economical price. This particular radio helicopter is popular for beginners because of the gyro chip that makes learning to control and fly this helicopter a breeze.

When learning to fly any aircraft it is usual to expect a mishap or two although stabilizers and controls are much easier to manipulate than in the early days of the RC helicopter. Although no one can say crashes are fun they can be humorous and hardly as disastrous as with the original remote control helicopters. In fact the two channel RC helicopters are simple enough for even the very young to learn to fly. The more channels a controller has the more actions it can perform but the more complex it may be to learn to fly.

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